22. The Bar Council shall within one month from the commencement of the term of the Council constitute from amongst its Members one or more of the following committees:-

Law Reforms Committee, Benevolent Fund Committee, Privileges Committee, Library Committee, Examination Committees, Law Journal Committee, Rules Committee, Advocate Rolls Preparations and Correction Committee, Legal Education Committee, Finance Committee, Anti-Corruption Committee, Inter Provincial Relationing Committee and other Committee or Committees deemed necessary and expedient by the Council.

23. Any Committee constituted by the Bar Council under Rule 22 shall not comprise of more than 5 Members including the Chairman of the Committee.

24. (a) The Chairman of every Committee constituted under Section 10(1) of the Act and Rule 22 shall unless elected by the Bar Council, be elected by the Members of the Committee concerned.

(b) The term of every Committee except the Examination Committee constituted u/s 10(1) of the Act and under Rule 22 shall be one year and all the Meetings of all the Committees will be convened by the Chairman of the concerned Committees provided that such Meetings could also be called and convened on the requisition made by two Members of the concerned Committees.

(c) No Member shall hold Membership of more than two Committees; excluding the Examination Committees, and shall not hold Membership of a particular Committee for more than two consecutive years. Similarly the Chairman of the Committees shall also not hold the said office for more than one year and a Member cannot become Chairman of more than two Committees simultaneously.

25. Vote of Chairman
The Chairman of a Committee shall be entitled to vote in his individual capacity but in case of equality of votes amongst its Members, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. 
26. Every Committee constituted under Rule 22 shall submit its report after every six months touching its business and performance during the said period; failing which the Council may dissolve the said Committee and constitute another Committee in its place

27. Executive Committee
(a) Except as expressly provided in the Act and the Rules and subject to the supervision and general control of the Bar Council the Executive Authority of the Provincial Council shall vest in the Executive Committee and shall be exercised either directly or through its Committee. Provided that the Bar Council may, by Resolution, directions or orders specify the manner in which the Executive Committee shall exercise its powers and functions.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions contained in Sub-rule (a), the Executive Committee shall have the power and functions to supervise and deal with all matters regarding administration of the Bar Council, to recommend to the Bar Council, to implement the decision of the Bar Council and to receive and deal with the representations and complaints by Advocates and Resolution passed by Bar Associations.

(c) Subject to the approval of the Bar Council to appoint, remove and dismiss the staff of the Bar Council, the Executive Committee shall also have the power to appoint, suspend, remove or dismiss a Member of the staff drawing a salary of not more than Rs. 5000/- per mensum. In case of an emergency, the Chairman of the Executive Committee may exercise such powers.

28. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for realising all the monies due to the Bar Council and for management, administration and utilisation of the fund of the Bar Council in accordance with the authorisation and sanction of the Annual Financial Statement and Supplementary Financial Statement of the Bar Council.

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