(a) Every person, except a person mentioned in rule 41 herein, who intends to practice as an Advocate, shall have to undergo training regularly for a continuous period of Six months as a Pupil in the Chamber of an Advocate of not less than ten years standing, whose name appears on the Roll of the Bar Council and who has paid the dues of the Bar Council upto date.

(b) A written intimation shall be sent on Form “P” prescribed and appended to these Rules by a person intending to become an Advocate and joins as a Pupil with an Advocate and same shall be supported by a copy of LL.B. Degree or a Marks Sheet or Provisional Certificate issued by the Controller of Examination of the concerned University alongwith a payment slip of Rs. 1000/- in favour of Bar Council being intimation fee. “P” Form should be signed by the Pupil and his Senior Advocate and be sent to the Secretary Bar Council within one month after the commitments of pupilage; falling whereof the Pupilage shall be deemed to have commenced from the date of receipt of the said Form by the Secretary in his office.

(c) An Advocate with whom a person, received training in accordance with Sub- Rule (a) herein above shall give a Certificate in Form “B” appended to these Rules. Provided that no Advocate shall take more than two Pupils at a time. No Advocate shall be entitled to have a Pupil under his training if he is in arrears of dues of the Council.

(d) An Advocate who gives false Certificate in this behalf shall be guilty of professional misconduct.

35. Application for Admission
Any person qualified for admission as an Advocate under Section 26 read with Rule 34 may make an Application in form “A” appended to these Rules, if he propose to practice within the jurisdiction of the Sindh Bar Council.

All such Applications shall be placed before an Examination Committee and if the Applicant is found fit, the application will be forwarded to the Enrolment Committee.

36. Particulars to be furnished
The Application shall be accompanied by

(a) Satisfactory evidence of the Applicant’s date of birth:

The date of birth recorded in Birth Certificate issued by competent authority or given in the Matriculation Certificate or School Leaving Certificate shall be treated as authenticate and correct.

(b) Satisfactory evidence of the qualifications under Section 26 of the Act and Rules 34;

(c) Two Certificates from Advocates whose names appear on the Roll of Bar Council, having not less than ten years standing at the Bar and against whom the Disciplinary Committee has not found any prima facie case, as to the character and conduct of the Applicant. Certificate must provide the date of enrolment and the Registration Number of the Identity Card, issued by the Bar Council in favour of the Advocate issuing such Certificate. No Advocate shall issue such Certificate if he is in arrears of the Bar Council or against whom the Disciplinary Committee has found a prima facie case.

(d) A duly attested Affidavit on Stamp Paper stating inter-alia the following facts:-

(i) No criminal proceeding or professional misconduct proceeding were ever instituted or are pending adjudication against the Applicant in or outside Pakistan.

(ii) The date and years of passing of Academic Qualifications of Matriculation to LL.B examinations.

(iii) An explanation with regard to the considerable gaps, if any, in between his academic examinations and joining of Pupilage.

(iv) That during the period of his pupilage the Applicant was not engaged in any business, profession, vocation or service. If the Applicant was engaged in any service prior to the commencement of pupilage, he should explain the nature of service and submit a certificate from competent authority showing the date of joining the service and the date of leaving the same with reasons thereof. If engaged in business the Applicant should explain the nature of business, the nature of his engagement therein and the fate of the said business duly supported by documents and that he was not declared bankrupt or insolvent and any other Document/Certificate showing his engagement in any other Profession or Vocation.

(e) a) A receipt of payment of Rs. 700/- or any amount prescribed in this behalf, in favour of Sindh Bar Council towards enrolment fee.

b) A receipt of payment of Rs. 200/- or any amount prescribed in this behalf paid in favour of Pakistan Bar Council.

c) A receipt of payment of Rs 500/ towards Building Fund.

d) A receipt of payment of Rs. 1800/- or any amount prescribed in this behalf paid in favour of Sindh Advocates Benevolent Fund.

Additionally in case of Age Limit crossing 30 years upto the age of 65 years following payments will be made:-

i) Rs. Nil upto the age of 30 years. 
ii) Rs. 7000/- upto the age of 35 years.
iii) Rs. 10000/- upto the age of 40 years.
iv) Rs. 15000/- upto the age of 45 years
v) Rs. 20000/- upto the age of 50 years
vi) Rs. 25000/- upto the age of 55 years.
vii) Rs. 40000/- upto the age of 60 years and Rs. Upto the age 65 years.

(f) An Undertaking that he would become a Member of a Bar Association of the District / Taluka, where he proposes to practice generally within one month after his enrolment.

(g) A list of atleast ten cases in which he has assisted his senior duly signed by his senior giving the brief facts and the law involved in those cases.

(h) Four latest and duly attested Passport size Photographs in Court Dress, together with copy of N. I. C. duly attested;

(i) A Certificate of Apprenticeship from the concerning Senior on form “B” appended to these Rules.

36-A Condonation of delay
If the papers for Enrolment mentioned under rules 34 & 35 are not submitted by the Applicant within three months from the date of completion of training the following further sum shall be payable for the delay as under:-

a) Rs. 300/- for one month delay.
b) Rs. 500/- for two month delay.
c) Rs. 800/- for three months delay.
d) Rs. 1500/- for 12-months delay and
e) Rs. 5000/- for delay up to 30 months.

Thereafter the intimation shall stand cancelled, and the Applicant shall have to under go the same process as a fresh trainee.

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