68. Formation of Firms
Advocates desirous of forming a “Firm of Lawyers” or to associate with a “Firm of Lawyers” for the purposes of practicing law within the jurisdiction of the Bar Council, shall apply to the Council for the Registration of Firms or of their association.

69. Application for Registration
An application shall be filed in the prescribed form appended with these Rules in its Schedule and a copy of the “Partnership Deed” should also be filed alongwith payment slip of Rs: 5000/- being its fee in favour of the Bar Council. 

70. Further particulars
The application shall be placed before the Bar Council which may call for such further information as it may deem fit and necessary.

71. Existing Firms of Advocate
Existing “Firms of Advocates”; before the commencement of these Rules shall apply mutatis mutandis within three months from the date of the promulgation of these Rules.

72. Disposal of Application and Registration 
All applications for Registration of the Firms shall be taken up for consideration within two months from the date of their presentation and shall be disposed off within four months. All Firms existing on the date of promulgation of these Rules may continue to function as such till the final disposal of their Applications. “Registration Certificate” will be issued in the prescribed Form appended with these Rules in its Schedule.

73. Cancellation of Registration of the Firm
The Bar Council may at any time call for such information as it may consider necessary from “Firms of Advocate” already registered and may also, for sufficient cause to be recorded in writing; after the due notice to the Firm, impose any condition on the Firm or suspend the Registration of any such Firm. On suspension of Registration the Advocates constituting such Firm shall cease to practice as partner in the area within the jurisdiction of the Bar Council from such date as may be specified in the order.

73-A. No individual Advocate practicing by himself or in association with any other Advocate shall use the title of a Firm, unless, the Advocate so practicing constitute a Firm in fact and such a Firm is Registered under these Rules.

74. Firm from other Provinces
Any “Firms of Advocates” of lawyers registered under the Act and the Rules framed therefor in any other Province of Pakistan shall, where it is desirous of commencing or continuing the practice of law within the jurisdiction of this Bar Council, shall apply for registration of such “Firms of Advocates” to the Bar Council and the provisions herein contained shall apply mutatis mutandis to such application.

74-A In case of violation of Rule 73 supra the Association / Firm of Advocates shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs: 2500/= besides Rs. 5000/- needed for Registration of Firms of Advocates which will be deposited in favour of the Bar Council and till the payment of such amount Advocates of such Associations / Firm of Advocate may become liable to face proceedings for professional Misconduct before the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council.

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