75. Traveling Allowance 
Member of Sindh Bar Council when on duty shall be entitle to get returned “Economy Class Fare”, where air service is available and in the absence of the air service the Member shall be entitled to 1st. class returned “Air Conditioned Train Fare”.

76. Daily Allowance
(a) Every Member of the Bar Council attending a Meeting / Meetings or its Committee shall be entitled to an allowance of Rs. 500/- per day for the day of Meeting so attended by him.

(b) If a Member arrives earlier than the date of the Meeting he shall be entitled to additional allowance for one day.

(c ) If a Member returns from the Meeting after the date of termination of the Meeting he shall be entitle to further additional allowance for one day also.

(d) If Government accommodation is made available at concessional rates in Government Rest House, a Member shall be entitled to draw Rs. 200/- per day instead of Rs. 500/-.

77. Resignation or Removal 
Seat of a Member of the Bar Council shall stand vacated in case if he;

(a) Resigns from his seat of “Membership” by delivering his resignation to the Secretary and the resignation so delivered shall become effective from the date when the same is accepted by the Chairman / Vice Chairman of the Bar Council 
and / or

(b) Is removed from the Rolls maintained by the Bar Council and or the Pakistan Bar Council in accordance with Law.


78. Suspension of Membership 
A Member who is suspended as an Advocate shall not Act as a Member of the Bar Council during the period of his suspension.

79. Copies of the Record 
All parties to proceedings shall be entitle, on payment of prescribed fee given in the schedule to obtain certified copies of all proceedings before the Bar Council or the Tribunal or, any Committee of the Bar Council. Any other person interested may subject to the orders of the Vice-Chairman or of the Bar Council be entitle to get a certified copy of any such proceedings as is mentioned above. The same fee shall be charged for the certified copies as are charged from the parties to the proceedings. 80.

Application Fee
All miscellaneous Applications filed in the Disciplinary Proceedings by any Party shall be accompanied by a Payment of Rs. 100/= in favour of Bar Council except in case of an miscellaneous Application filed by the Advocate-General or any Advocate appearing on his behalf.

81. Fee for Advocate’s Appearance
An Advocate appearing before the Bar Council or before any Tribunal or Committee of the Bar Council except the Advocate-General or an Advocate appearing on his behalf shall file a “Memo of Appearance” alongwith a Deposit Slip of Rs 100/- in favour of the Bar Council.

82. Inspection Fee
Parties to proceedings shall be entitle to inspect the relevant record on payment of Rs. 100/- per hour or part thereof. Inspection will be carried on in the presence of Secretary or Assistance Secretary or an authorized Staff Member of Bar Council.

83. Issuance of Duplicate Enrolment Certificate
An Advocate may obtain Duplicate Copy of his “Enrolment Certificate” on an Application addressed to the Secretary of the Bar Council alongwith Payment Slip of Rs. 100/-.and favour of Bar Council being its fee.

84. Nomination Fee for the Election of Bar Council
Each “Nomination Form” submitted by the contesting candidates for the seat of Member of Sindh Bar Council shall be accompanied with a payment slip of Rs. 5000/-in favour of the Sindh Bar Council alongwith any other amount whichever may be fixed in this behalf by the Sindh Bar Council. The amount so paid shall always be treated as “Non-Refundable”.

85. Repeal 
The Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Rules 1969 and Sindh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Rules, 1991 are hereby repealed.

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